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© 2018 by Riley Wong.


Obligatory arty-black-and-white photo

The first screenplay I ever wrote was at the age of around 8 years old when I penned the script for an anthropomorphic superhero vigilante team (many years before the cinematic superhero craze mind you). I've never ceased to put down the pen, although thankfully my ideas got better (I hope).


When I got older, although not that much taller, I went and got myself a First Class Honours Film degree at the University for the Creative Arts. I continue to write and direct short films; as well as writing long ones, and medium ones too.

My most recent short film, 'Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Existential Crisis Bite!', was selected for eight film festivals, awarded 'Best Screenplay' at the Rob Knox Film Festival, and nominated for 'Best International Film' at the Houston Comedy Film Festival. 

On the longer side of things, my dystopian drama TV pilot script 'The Haven' got into the quarter-finalist round for the 4th Annual Screencraft Fellowship contest in 2017.

Here are some other things that I get up to:

  • Playing the drums (at a consistently average level)

  • Watching and (sometimes) performing improv

  • Going to the cinema (I am an obsessive ticket collector)

  • Not being up-to-date with Netflix and therefore hindering everybody else from talking about a specific show (sorry)