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YOU: What's going on here? Why is everything different? Is this a blog? You run a blog now? Wait, aren't you a sound designer? What is this "Writer / Director" business? Why are you trying to be funny now?

ME: Website renovation! Because I renovated it! Yes! Yes I do! Unfortunately not anymore! I've always done that y'know! Shut up.


After some deep introspection, and staring at many-a-ceiling, I have decided to start anew.

One of many-a-ceilings

Yes, I am dropping the sound designer label. Admittedly, I did write up a long-winded and personal post detailing this decision further, but I decided to scrap that and continue to be a mystery.

What I will say is that my intent is to be honest now. I grew tired of trying to sell myself as a brand. Writing and directing has been a lifelong love that only made sense when I was able to be authentically me. So that is what I'm going to do from now on.

Blogging will hopefully be a way for me to be more open about the things I do, and the thoughts and feelings behind them. I want to share the process of my writing and directing ventures, with the intent that being publicly open about it will motivate me to keep going.

Anyways, if I remember to do so, I think I'd like to end each blog post with a song which may or may not be related to the writings:

This is from one of my favourite musicals. In line with being authentic and true to myself, For Now is very much this. Musical + Comedy + Existentialism is as me as you're gonna get. I listen this a lot, not only because it's so darn catchy, but also because it makes me feel better.

"Life may be scary, but it’s only temporary"

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