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© 2018 by Riley Wong.


(Please allow time for images to load completely for the full cinematic effect!)


Latest Work


Visit the Film page to see further examples of my previous work.

Showreel - A short compilation of films that I have directed

Animation / Motion Graphics / Kinetic Typography

Below is an example of a Kinetic Typography video I made in After Effects for practice. It is a monologue excerpt from 'Kill Bill: Vol1'. (WARNING: VERY STRONG LANGUAGE)


The kind of GIFs that loop!


The kind of GIFs that are GIFs! (Made primarily for Tumblr specifications)


RedBubble - Custom and Traced designs for selling on the merchandise website RedBubble, made in Photoshop. Over 500+ items sold to date. Direct Link to shop page.

More art - For some casual Instagram photography and Life Drawing examples, please visit the ETC. page.

This website! - This website itself and its components were designed by myself too.


Blog  - Visit the Blog page for examples of such. 

Article / Essays - Links to PDF's of more formally written pieces.

Screenplays - I have written numerous scripts of varying length, from short films to feature length.

  • Ephemeral Sensations (Feature) - Not afraid to call this one my baby. A drama-romance about a man who falls in love with a woman only visible in his dreams.

  • The Haven (TV Pilot) - The first episode of a dystopian drama series, in which most of humanity left to enter a happiness simulation. The series follows those who chose to stay behind.

  • Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Existential Crisis Bite! (Short) - The original script for the short film that was linked earlier up on this very page.