Man Thinking About What to Have for Lunch (2019, Tate Modern*)

*Rejected from

Writer / Director.

Riley most recently developed the TV pilot script 'The Haven' as part of the BEA Script Editing Initative led by BBC Writersroom. He also wrote and directed the short film 'Lifelessnessless' (currently in post-production), which was developed and supported by B3 Media's TalentLab Scheme.

Previously, he wrote and directed the short film, 'Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Existential Crisis Bite!', which was selected for eight film festivals, awarded 'Best Screenplay' at the Rob Knox Film Festival, and nominated for 'Best International Film' at the Houston Comedy Film Festival. 

He continues to write and direct short films; as well as writing long ones, and medium ones too.

Here are some other things that he gets up to:

  • Playing the drums (at a consistently average level)*

  • Being a dungeon master (and demolishing accents in the act of roleplay)*

  • Going to the cinema a lot (and obsessively collecting every ticket since 2012)*

*2020 has ruined this activity